World level IPA training platform enters Lithuanian marketing arena

Dr Eleonora Šeimienė

From this autumn, IPA training, which is a mark of quality across the world among advertising and marketing specialists and where practical advertising and marketing aspects are particularly emphasised on the basis of scientific research, will be available for Lithuanian specialists at the KOG Institute.

“For many years, IPA training and courses have been a market standard in the United Kingdom for professionals working in marketing and communications agencies. From now on, this accumulated knowledge, which is based on not only long time experience but also the newest research, will be more available in the Baltic States,” Dr Eleonora Šeimienė, the head of the KOG Marketing and Communications Science Institute, which has become an IPA partner in the Baltic States.

The KOG Institute is launching five different training courses oriented toward marketing specialists of varying experience levels: from young specialists just starting their careers following their studies, to experienced professionals with more than five years of working experience in, for example, creating strategies.

“One of the unique points of IPA training is the principle of effectiveness, which is essential in the operation of both successful brands and their culture, as well as the work of leading agencies. Effectiveness, which spans creative campaigns, their planning and any department of the brand. I believe that in Lithuania, where there is a particular focus on creativity and effectiveness, is often left in second place. This training will not only draw interest, but can also potentially change the thinking in the market. And, of course, completing our courses will grant significant added value to specialists considering an international career,” E. Šeimienė says.

IPA is a British organisation that has been operating for over a century, and is recognised as being at the forefront of the most notable marketing communications, innovation, and scientifically based ideas in continental Europe, with its discoveries and training being linked not only to scientific research but also to the insights of such marketing and advertising stars such as Peter Field, Les Binet, Robert Heath, and Orlando Woods.

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IPA is also known as the founder and awarder of the prestigious global awards for marketing achievements IPA Effectiveness Awards. Based on the IPA’s pragmatic view of advertising and marketing, these awards are presented for advertising campaigns whose creators are able to demonstrate and explain how through marketing actions, returns are created for businesses.

“The coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the value that online learning can offer us all. It has never been more important to give people access to quality online resources, and our partnership with the KOG Institute will do just that. The team at the KOG Institute have an incredible reputation throughout the region, and we are delighted to have them help drive our growth in the Baltic states and Europe as a whole,” says the director of membership and professional development at IPA Patrick Mills.

The KOG Institute will be running training in five disciplines: Advanced Certificate in Effectiveness, Foundation Certificate, Advanced Certificate in Campaign Planning, Commercial certificate and Digital Performance Certificate. The training will be held online in English, with a single course lasting from eight to 45 hours, with the participants connecting to the training at a time of their convenience. After completing the training and assessing the knowledge obtained, every participant will receive a certificate of course completion.

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