A salary is no longer enough: people are looking for extra jobs

Not everyone can live on their salary, so they are looking for extra jobs. Labour market experts say the popularity of additional jobs is growing but predict that their demand will increase even more in […]


80% of Lithuanians supported supermarket boycott action

A survey shows overwhelming public support for a spontaneous boycott action in May when shoppers where urged to avoid major supermarket chains in protest of rising food prices.

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Skyrocketing supermarket prices and ‘Reds under the bed’

The first long overdue signs of consumer empowerment in Lithuania provoked by rapidly rising prices of basic goods has been met by incredible accusations of Russian conspiracies, despite the evidence clearly showing that prices have skyrocketed in the wake of the introduction of the euro. […]


Consumer price index rises in Lithuania and across EU

Lithuania’s consumer price index rose 1.1% in March mirroring rises across the eurozone, up 1.2%, and the EU (up 1%), according to the latest figures from Eurostat. In March, Portugal (2.2%), Italy (2.1% ) and […]