Marius Ivaškevičius

About the Jews and a Dream

I love this city and I always say one and the same thing to friends from abroad: Vilnius is a hidden pearl. When you want calm, there’s calm; when you want sound and sprees, they’re […]

Vilnius synagogue
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Lithuania: my journey of return

As a Cape Town born Jew, my life has come full circle. Although I was born after his death, my zeida, Rabbi Shimon Ze’ev Aysenberg, played an indelible influence in my life. My father, Isaac Eisenberg, born in a stable in Mogilov, Belarus, in 1922, a medical doctor and writer, spent his life interpreting his childhood memories. […]

Kaunas Requiem by the International Centre for Litvak Photography

Week of Jewish Commemoration at New Šančiai Synagogue in Kaunas

Kaunas —Saturday marked the opening of a weeklong public program at the New Šančiai Synagogue in Kaunas, Lithuania, commemorating of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the beginning of the Holocaust in Lithuania. Organised by the International Centre for Litvak Photography, or IC4LP, the program is the launch and first instalment of a long-term artistic activity called the Kaunas Requiem, which involves the composition of an experimental music-based artwork that is proposed to run for a duration of seventy-five years. The program also offers the public an opportunity to engage with two of the centre’s ongoing remembrance projects on the theme of the lost Jewish culture of Kaunas and its surrounds, one photographic and one architectural. […]

Inna Rogatchi (C). Our Memory. Lithuania. 2014. Fine Art Photography. Black Milk & Dark Stars series

The stones of Molėtai: Shoah lesson in Lithuania

August 29th, 2016, has become truly important day for Lithuanian people, for Israel, and for all of us who does not know the past term for Holocaust. On that day, a small Lithuanian town of Moletai has become a scene of tangible and penetrating lesson on the Shoah. It was a rare event – unpretending, quiet and sincere; determined and devoted; the real thing. […]

Barack Obama. Photo Ludo Segers
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What are Barack Obama’s family links to Lithuania?

Following on from Hollywood star Sean Penn, it now appears that US president Barack Obama also has family links to Lithuania. […]


Growing controversy over rejection of Lithuanian citizenship claims by Litvaks

Lithuania’s citizenship laws recognize the right of people who lived in Lithuania in the period 1918-1940 and their offspring to claim Lithuanian citizenship but recently a growing number of applications by Litvaks, Lithuanian Jews, have been rejected by the Lithuanian Ministry of Interior, leading to serious questions about how the system is being administered. […]