In a shopping centre

Consumer prices on a rise. More to come

In January consumer prices increased by 0.3% compared with December and were 2.3% higher than a year ago. […]


Food less affordarble in Lithuania than in Denmark

Lithuania, together with Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Hungary, are the European Union countries where food costs the least. However, it is still more affordable to the Danes who pay the highest price […]


Supermarket boycott begins as Lithuanians hit back at rising prices

Lithuanian consumers outraged at spiking food prices are starting a three-day boycott of supermarkets on Tuesday. Industry experts say, however, that the initiative will not have much of an impact. […]

Grocery shopping

Lithuanian groceries among cheapest in Europe, says Maxima survey

This month, the Maxima retail chain performed a double independent price comparison for some of the most popular products sold in 14 different European countries, the company said. […]