Algirdas Butkevičius

PM says Lithuanian government not considering to accept more refugees

The Government of Lithuania is currently not considering accepting more refugees than 325 it has committed to, although it does not discount such a possibility, the country’s Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius says. […]

Island of Lesbos

24-year-old volunteer wants to help Lithuanians better understand refugee crisis

As Lithuania has committed to chip in on the EU’s efforts to deal with the refugee crisis and accept some three hundred war-fleeing people from Syria and Eritrea, many Lithuanians have expressed sentiments that are far from welcoming. Not 26-year-old Marija Fedotovaitė, however, who is set to go the Greek Island of Lesbos to volunteer in camps for refugees that have been coming in thousands to Southern Europe. […]

Europa Building that hosts the Israeli Embassy

Flag stolen from Israeli Embassy in Vilnius

A flag has been stolen from the Israeli Embassy in Vilnius, local authorities report. […]

Žvėrynas Gymnasium  director Daiva Žiurienė.  Photo  Ludo Segers

Back to school

Business has been advertising it for more than a month. Songs have been written about it. But yesterday, reality hit and it was back to school for all young people in Lithuania from primary schools to universities. […]