Prezidentas Smetona

Archaeologists hunt for Lithuania’s first navy ship at bottom of Baltic sea

The dream of Klaipėda University (KU) scientists of finding the legendary interwar ship President Smetona (Prezidentas Smetona) may finally be coming closer to reality with an expedition in the Baltic Sea. […]

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Top jobs in Lithuania for English speakers this week

If you are an emigrant thinking of coming back to Lithuania or an English speaker in Lithuania looking for a new role, we will be picking out some of the top jobs available in Lithuania each week for English speakers across all industries and sectors. […]

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Music, art and films from around the world: What’s on in Lithuania this weekend

This weekend’s sampling of arts and culture from around the world will make you feel like you feel like you’ve circled the globe without leaving Lithuania. Check out or selection of events for this weekend: […]


Which Baltic capital is cheapest to live in?

A new Swedbank Finance study has ranked the Baltic State’s capitals on their cost of living with some surprising results. […]