Competition Council should keep an eye on the newest Teo purchase

IT and telecommunications company Teo has purchased 100 percent of the shares of the Lithuanian mobile service provider Omnitel from its current shareholder TeliaSonera. The move has provoked a lot of discussion in the Lithuania public sphere and that shouldn’t surprise anyone as the purchase is one of the biggest in Lithuania’s business history. Both companies are owned by Swedish Company TeliaSonera. […]

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Lithuania’s most influential: entrepreneurs and economists

DELFI, in cooperation with the magazine Reitingai and pulbic opinion pollster Spinter Tyrimai, has put together lists of Lithuania’s most influential people in various fields of activity. […]

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Lithuania’s most influential politicians

The Lithuanian public believes that the country’s most influential politicians are President Dalia Grybauskaitė, Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius and former President Valdas Adamkus. Meanwhile a survey of over 500 opinion leaders in politics, business and society has revealed that they think Lithuania’s most influential are Grybauskaitė, Butkevičius and the country’s former head of state Vytautas Landsbergis. […]

Pierre Naoum and his wife Aida Haddad

Syrian refugee: Doing business is hard in Lithuania

Pierre Naoum sold his property in Syria and invested the money into a pizza restaurant that he opened in Vilnius, Lithuania, where he was granted asylum. […]

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Study estimates benefits of accepting refugees for Lithuania

In the “optimistic scenario”, Lithuania will recover what it will have invested into resettling and integrating refugees within five years. The “pessimistic scenario” draws the line at nine years. In either case, the country will benefit from accepting refugees: Lithuania will have demonstrated its adherence to the European Union values. Not to mention the migrants’ contribution to economic growth. […]

Asta Borusevičiūtė
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Lithuanian in Germany: I almost feel guilty for not doing more for refugees

Asta Borusevičiūtė from Lithuania has been living in Hamburg, Germany, for five years and has been very emotionally involved, along with the entire country, in the ongoing refugee crisis. “I live on this subject. In my circles, everyone’s doing something for them [refugees]. I almost feel guilty for not finding time to help out,” the young woman tells DELFI, adding that she plans to volunteer at a charity processing office. […]

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Lithuanian company has job offers for refugees

As thousands of refugees fleeing wars in the Middle East and Africa arrive in Europe, Lithuania, too, is going to accept more asylum seekers than previously planned. Some employers in the country say they will welcome new potential employees. […]

Rusija, kapinės

Death Russian style

Nothing can relate you more about the life and existence of a people than its relationship with death. Death is an inevitable conclusion; what’s left behind when there’s nothing else; the very essence. […]

Mantas Radvila

Lithuanian game developer with 30m users aiming to triple revenue in 2015

With over 30 million downloads worldwide of their game development platform, Kaunas-based TutoTOONS is going from strength to strength. Established as a start-up two years ago by two Lithuanian game developers, the company now has 15 staff in Kaunas and Barcelona, and has ambitious plans for further expansion. One of TutoTOONS’s founders, Mantas Radvila, makes no secret of the fact that he had a chance to settle in the US and develop his business there, but chose Lithuania instead. DELFI, a Lithuanian media network, caught up with Mr Radvila to discover the reasons behind this decision, and what the secret of the company’s success is. […]