Maldeikis: China has already realised that China will lose the war with Lithuania

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Matas Maldeikis, a member of the Seimas, says that against the backdrop of the war in Ukraine, it should not be forgotten that China has declared war on Lithuania, only in the form of sanctions. However, according to the politician, this country has already realised that it will lose its declared war.

“As we pray for the Ukrainians in Azovstal and throughout Ukraine, we must remember that Lithuania is also at war right now – China has declared war on us. Because sanctions are war, but by other means”, Maldeikis wrote on Facebook on 21 April.

He said that China had realised that it would lose the war. “China has already realised that it will lose this war.

Contrary to what some of our experts predicted, Lithuania has managed to rally the EU, the US, Japan, Australia and Taiwan around it in the case against China. The blitzkrieg didn’t work either – the government stayed. Factories that have been threatened to leave Lithuania by Chinese letters to the government “on request” are now looking for new workers to expand. The lobbyists for the Chinese Communists remained the peasants, the Social Democrats, Liekis, Besagirskas and his brother. The Communists understand that the war is lost with such soldiers,” the MEP emphasised.

According to Maldeikis, what China fears most is happening.

“Lithuania is becoming an example. The Czech Foreign Minister has informed us that as soon as the pro-Kremlin Zeman falls, the Czech Republic will follow Lithuania’s example (in his interview in the comments). Slovakia and Estonia are also looking.

Now China is looking for ways to quietly gloss over the issue so that it does not look like a defeat in China itself.

At a meeting with EU leaders on 1 April, Xi heard the EU’s very clear position on supporting Lithuania and that China’s actions would be costly. Therefore, in an attempt to salvage the situation, China sends a delegation to Central Europe to talk to these countries. China explains that this is done because it is necessary to discuss various ‘misunderstandings’ with their friends, who, they say, are influenced by the US and have prejudices against China, Taiwan and, in particular, its position on the ‘Ukraine crisis’,” the parliamentarian wrote.

Thus, in his view, China understands that it is completely out of touch with European affairs.

“They see that things in Europe are not going according to their plan. Not according to Putin’s plan, which they agreed upon on the first day of the Olympic Games in Beijing. And not according to the Chinese. They plan to offer ‘pragmatic cooperation’ in their meetings – ready to ‘solve problems’ as if they were a matter of minor disagreements. They even hope that the “deterioration of the security situation”, which has led to a reduction in investment, will provide an opportunity to propose more projects for the new Silk Road.

In reality, this policy is no longer working because everyone has seen that it is just pompous talk about huge investments and a plethora of projects. In practice, the turnover in China is, in many cases, only decreasing in real terms. The only exceptions are Hungary and Serbia, which remain pro-China.

The last straw was China’s proclamation of ‘friendship without limits’ with Putin and support for Russia’s ‘legitimate security interests in Europe’. China has experts who know the history of Eastern Europe. But the Party’s interpretation of it is lame. They thought that the ‘socialist past’ would make us closer to Russia. But they have completely failed to understand that it is just the opposite. Communist China is as much an imperial power as Russia. In their eyes, freedom is not a value, and the statehood of some tiny little nations is just an empty place.

China will lose the war against Lithuania”, added Mr Maldeikis.

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