Citizens’ donations to Lithuanian military grow seven-fold

Lithuanian taxpayers are allowed to donate up to 2 percent of their income tax to institutions or organizations of their choosing.

“This could not be a clearer signal that we do support our military. We are a mature nation, we are confident in ourselves and in our soldiers and are proud of them. The project 2 Percent for the Military, which promotes civic participation, is a great example that we can consciously take care of our security,” said MEP Antanas Guoga. According to him, Lithuania is part of the strongest military alliance in the world – NATO – which guarantees the country’s security. However, Lithuania’s efforts to enhance its security by itself are also important. They are important for Lithuanians in the first place, not only for international partners.


The money donated by people in 2015 will be added to the funds used for acquisitions. The military will use the funds to buy night vision equipment as well as telescopic sights for automatic weapons.

MEP Antanas Guoga is carrying out a social project 2 Percent for the Military jointly with the armed forces. According to Guoga, not only financial but people’s moral support is important for soldiers under the present geopolitical situation.


“I wish that our military was a very hard nut to crack,” MEP Guoga says.

Guoga is a proponent of professional military, thus he believes that in the future Lithuania should cancel conscription if finances allow and after the security situation changes.


In 2014, 977 people transferred 2 percent of the personal income tax for the military. Together with other private contributions in support of the national defence, a total of EUR 39,000 was donated which was used to purchase bullet proof vests.

In 2015, as many as 6,924 Lithuanian citizens have submitted applications to transfer 2 percent of the personal income tax for the Lithuanian military. Based on preliminary calculations of the State Tax Inspectorate (VMI), by 15 November the Lithuanian Armed Forces will have received EUR 278,000.

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