Eight Russian bikers sent back at Lithuanian border

On Tuesday, Lithuania refused entry for two Russian citizens travelling on motorcycles from Belarus and Russia, in addition to six travellers barred from entering Lithuania on Monday.

After checking documents of a 29-year-old Russian citizen driving his Harley Davidson from Belarus on Tuesday, Druskininkai border guards established that the driver did not have any documents to prove the purpose and conditions of his presence in Lithuania. During the interview, the man made no secret of his membership in the Night Wolves biker club, a pro-Kremlin group organizing a controversial road trip to Berlin.


The Lithuanian border guards also found out that the biker had made two attempts to enter Poland on Monday, but was refused entry into the country for the same reasons.

The Russian man had to turn back to Belarus.


Another biker, a 47-year-old Russian citizen, attempted to enter Lithuania from the Kaliningrad region. Border guards of the Kybartai checkpoint established that his Yamaha with Russian license plates lacked roadworthiness testing documents and thus did not allow him to enter the Baltic state.

On Monday, Lithuanian border guards refused entry to six Russian citizens on motorcycles.

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