Study on Elements of information warfare during migration crisis on Belarus-EU border 2021

Migrant storm: Illegal migrants form Belarus - Polish border

The migration crises caused by the Belarusian authorities on the Eastern border of the EU in 2021 have shaken Lithuania, Latvia and Poland. The EU should draw a lot of lessons from this hybrid attack.

Information warfare is an integral part of hybrid aggression. In the situation of the migration crisis on the Belarus EU border in 2021 (the crisis has affected Lithuania, Latvia, Poland) the implementation of information warfare is obvious. An analysis of narratives of Kremlin-backed media has shown, Kremlin propaganda supports information attacks against Lithuania, Latvia, Poland. The main aspects of information warfare in the context of migration crisis are:

📌Defamation of authorities of affected countries and their solutions to the situation of migration crisis;

📌Accusation of Lithuania and Poland of inhuman behaviour towards illegal migrants;

📌Shift of the guilt for the migration crisis to the Western World and advocacy of Belarus and its regime;

📌Demonization of migrants, representation of migrants as a threat to the traditional cultural and social order of European countries.

Please, find a link to the full research here:

The research was created with the support of ZINC

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