European Union

Most illegal migrants are not interested in life in Lithuania; their destination is W. Europe

Hundreds of foreigners have fled their accommodation in Lithuania since the country stopped restricting the movement of illegal migrants. According to a press release, this shows that foreigners who crossed the border illegally last year […]

An airplane landing
Central/Eastern Europe

Lukashenko paving a new migrant route via Moscow and Grodno

As the European Union tries to stem the news flow of migrants from the Middle East through Belarus, the country’s dictator, Aliaksandr Lukashenko, is signing new flight contracts with Russian airlines. It is known that […]


Municipality residents frightened by migrants: some are afraid of visiting the store

Representatives from municipalities say that due to there are currently more questions than answers right now regarding the influx of migrants. Some municipalities concede that they will soon be no longer able to receive arrivals […]


Will the Baltic States become the next migrant gateway?

After the European Union cut off migrant routes via Libya to Italy and agreed with Turkey to stem migrant flows across the Aegean to Greece, the Baltic States fear that migrants from the Middle East might discover new routes via Russia, making them their gateway to the European Union. […]