Most illegal migrants cross into Lithuania from Latvia

Illegal migrants coming from Belarus were the biggest problem for Lithuania a couple of years ago, but the direction of illegal migration flows has changed and an increasing number of illegals now cross Lithuania’s border from Latvia, the commander of the Lithuanian State Border Guard Service said on Friday. […]

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Lithuanian truckers hit by losses from illegal migrants

Lithuanian carriers are being hit by significant losses caused by migrants trying to get to the UK on trucks illegally, with Lithuanian drivers calling the situation in Calais a war zone, reports LRT. […]

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Foreign affairs

Lithuania-registered truck with 11 migrants detained in France

A Lithuania-registered truck carrying 11 illegal migrants was detained in Poitiers, western France, on Monday, the Lithuanian Embassy to France confirmed to BNS. […]

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Emigration from Lithuania falling

Emigration from Lithuania has been on a decline, while more illegal immigrants have been crossing into Lithuania on their way to more prosperous destinations in Western Europe. […]