Environment Minister accuses Belarus of playing games with Astravyets nuclear power plant

According to the minister, Belarus failed to provide answers to Lithuania’s questions about the safety of the Astravyets project during a meeting of the Espoo Convention Implementation Committee in Geneva.

“Belarus is playing its game, to put it bluntly. They have not given answers to a lot of questions we have asked, but they are telling the committee at the Geneva meeting that they are doing everything transparently and are complying with everything, which is not true. Starting with their choice of the site and continuing with many other issues ,” Treciokas told reporters in Vilnius.

“An invitation to visit Astravyets is good, but this will not change our position as to international law violations. They remain in place,” he said.

“Personally, I think that such facilities should not be built close to cities, capitals, no matter if they are in Lithuania or Belarus, because these are facilities of increased danger and the decision to build (in Astravyets) was more political than economic,” he added.

Belarus’ officials say that in Geneva they provided answers to all questions asked by Lithuania. However, Trečiokas said that he had been informed that they had not.

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