Holocaust in Lithuania commemorated at embassy in London

The commemorative evening began with the traditional candle-lightening ceremony and prayers led by Rabbi Herschel Gluck. The keynote speech was delivered by the Holocaust survivor Prof Irena Veisaite who shared her personal story of the Shoah. The evening also included Yves Plasseraud’s book launch Irena Veisaitė: Tolerance and Involvement and a music performance by Ugnë Tiskute. The opening of the dedicated exhibition The Rescued Lithuanian Jewish Child talks about the Shoah concluded the commemorations.

“It is our moral obligation to victims and survivors of the Holocaust to carry on the torch of remembrance of the Shoah tragedy. We lost most of our Jewish community which lived in Lithuania for centuries, a community of tremendous spiritual, cultural and intellectual magnitude,” Lithuanian Ambassador to the UK Asta Skaisgyrytė said.


The diplomat also emphasized the fact that independent Lithuania has accepted its historical responsibility towards its Jewry and that the ongoing reconciling processes between Lithuanians and Jews will be completed.

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