How to work with recruitment agencies?

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During each trading year most companies usually finish their operations with a review of their budget, creating forecasts and, in addition, reviewing personnel because a good team is a boon to business. That said, finding a talented group of people and especially individual specialists, is a fairly difficult task and so recruitment agencies are increasingly used.

When are recruitment agencies necessary?

If your team needs a new member, it is the best to begin planning the search far in advance because finding a specialist and convincing them to work for you takes time. The earlier you start searching for a specialist, the simpler the new team member’s integration with your team will be.

Of course starting the search too early is also not a good move. There is a high chance that, if you can only offer a position in 6 months’ time, the candidate will not wait to start working for you. It is likely they will look for another position to further their capabilities.

To find an optimal solution and also to ensure that the staff member begins working when it is most suitable for you, you should draft in a recruitment agency which look for a suitable specialist based on an evaluation of their client’s time and needs.

The necessity for a specialist

Businesses which require a team member should firstly outline recruitment agencies what type of specialist they need – not just basing the demand on qualifications but also on the specialist’s experience and leadership skills.

These could include:

  • Seeking and selecting a manager.
  • Seeking and selecting a specialist.
  • Headhunting.

By describing their requirements and also the position they are looking to fill, a client, or in other words – a business also details the attributes of the person they are seeking, which can then be assessed recruitment agencies. The more detailed the attributes – the greater the chance that the business’ expectations can be met by the new team member and, additionally, they will commence employment according to agreed conditions and at a mutually agreed time point.

The importance of cooperation during recruitment

It is important to remember that recruitment agencies prefer regular contact with the business person, manager or another responsible individual who provides information on the requirements and other criteria for the individual they are looking for. Despite the recruitment specialist performing 90% of all the work, insights and comments from the company where the new team member will work are essential.

Recruitment agencies such as Indigroup search for specialists by making use of available databases and also by directly contacting specific individuals who are a match to the requirements set by the business. Nevertheless, the final decision remains with the hiring company and so the closer the communication, the more efficient the search. This helps to avoid issues where during the final stage, companies reject the options presented to them by the recruitment agency despite those options being fully in line with the requirements presented to them.

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