Kaunas commemorates brutal WWII Jewish pogrom

“I think this pogrom at the Lietūkis garage was one of the most horrendous not only in Kaunas, not only in Lithuania but also in entire Europe. The atrocities that took place there are hardly conceivable,” Zakas said.

Also attending the commemoration, Israeli Ambassador to Lithuania Amir Maimon said it was difficult to imagine that such events took place in the city centre.

“It’s hard to believe that in this place, here, not somewhere deep in the forest but here, in the centre of the city, over 60 Jewish people were brutally murdered. It’s hard to believe that the people of this place, this city, were the ones who brutally murdered the Jewish people. It’s also hard to believe that only a few weeks ago this place was maintained. For so many years this place looked not like a respectful memorial place,” the ambassador said.

The Kaunas pogrom was a massacre of Jewish people living in Kaunas, Lithuania, that took place on June 25–29, 1941. The most infamous incident occurred at the Lietūkis garage where several dozen Jewish men were publicly tortured and executed on June 27.

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