Kojala – we have to remain calm and see NATO as one unit

US surveillance plane in the Zuokniai airport in Lithuania
A.Pliadžio nuotr.

On Friday the BBC published a text on the fate of the Baltic States with Donald Trump taking power in the United States. The publication points out that Lithuania is afraid of potential Russian aggression and is unsure whether under such circumstances NATO would protect it.

“It [the publication] directs the world’s attention to our region which, without a doubt, was following the US presidential elections very closely and perhaps reacted fairly sensitively to what Donald Trump said during the campaign. […]. All of this created tension and it is clear that the tense situation or the doubts among NATO states bring up discussion, whether NATO would actually function if a threat arose. If Russia feels this, it is likely it could try “prodding” and testing the NATO capacity to respond. This is what our politicians and NATO analysts fear, worrying that it could open a window of opportunity,” Eastern Europe Studies Centre Director Linas Kojala discussed the situation.

He noted that it is important to remain calm and view NATO as one unit, conceding that Trump appears to be a domestic politics president, not focused on foreign policy, which means that he will need to take some time getting accustomed to the area of foreign policy, which leaves openings.

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