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Kojala about forgotten attention for Ukraine’s situation: this should concern us

Lithuanian representatives returned from the annual Munich Security Conference in a poor mood. China’s threat was emphasised, while the question of Russian aggression was either circumvented or sounded like calls to improve relations with Moscow. […]

No Picture

Identifying the biggest threats to the country, wanting to both punish and be friends

Which country do Lithuanians see as the friendliest and which – as the most hostile? What is the Lithuanian people’s perception of Donald Trump, Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin? What leads to such choices? After asking this of Lithuanian citizens in a number of surveys, not only old truths surface, but also unexpected details. […]

Putin and children in Russia

Surprise? In some regions Putin could make to the 2nd round of Lithuanian Presidential elections

At the general meeting between Education and Culture Committees which happened on Wednesday at the Parliament the issue of propaganda techniques in education and culture was discussed. Laurynas Kasčiūnas, who used to be the manager […]

Swedish soldiers

Is the anchor of Baltic States security – Sweden – safe itself?

The threat posed by Russia is the most realistic threat facing Sweden today, however the Swedish response, reflected by the country’s defence budget, is held to be inadequate says LRT Radio contributor in Sweden Vaida […]