Dr. Gitanas Nausėda

Comment on Nausėda: he keeps glancing at the rear view mirror

President-Elect Gitanas Nausėda has repeated a number of times that things will be different now. G. Nausėda promises a different tone to that of Dalia Grybauskaitė in both domestic and foreign policy. However, experts contacted […]

No Picture

The USA ends its troops’ deployment in Lithuania. What does this mean?

The USA has ceased its land forces rotation in Lithuania. Such a constant presence of US troops was held as a guarantee that the USA would react to any provocations immediately. Political scientists Tomas Janeliūnas […]

M. Rutte
European Union

Dutch election shows Europe can withstand far-right populism – analysts

Moderate political parties’ success in the Dutch parliamentary election shows that Europe may be able to withstand rising far-right populism, but it is too early to say that tensions have subsided, Lithuanian political analysts said on Thursday. […]

The Kremlin

Lithuanian view: What to expect from Russia in 2017?

2017 could be the year of Russia’s return – the signs of this were discussed in a Tuesday afternoon discussion organised by the the Eastern Europe Studies Centre (RESC) and VU TSPMI. The political scientists discussed the topic of “What will decide Russian foreign policy in 2017?” It is likely that the government rotation of the West, the resolution of the stalled Syrian conflict and strategic changes to the Russian tone will open opportunities for de-escalation and Putin’s return as a figure that is repulsive for many, but at the same time – an inevitable partner in resolving questions in the international political arena. […]

Rumen Radev Bulgaria's President - elect

Pro-Russian wins in Eastern Europe poses challenges for Lithuania

Victories of pro-Russian candidates in presidential elections in Moldova and Bulgaria will make it more difficult for Lithuania to find allies on many issues on the European Union’s (EU) agenda, Lithuanian political scientist Linas Kojala says. […]