Lithuania's Mindaugas Kuzminskas during Lithuania Latvia basketball game

Why relations between Lithuania and Latvia aren’t all that fraternal

Lithuania and Latvia have much in common on a strategic level. Yet relations between the two aren’t especially brotherly. That’s how political expert Linas Kojala put it on In his opinion it is difficult to pin down a special closeness between the two countries with actual examples. Vytautas Magnus University Professor Alvydas Butkus notes that representatives of the two countries’ governments would seemingly like to communicate but there aren’t close ties between the two societies. […]

Skvernelis during the last TV debate on LRT

ELECTIONS. Analysis. Social policy debate – another victory for the “Peasants”

The “Peasants” (LVŽS) are celebrating their second consecutive debate victory, shows a survey of experts done by after the social policy debate. The “Peasant’s” performance was once again voted as the best, however the lead over the Conservatives (TS-LKD) who were left in second place is only one point. Furthermore most experts agree that G. Landsbergis’ (TS-LKD) closing statement was the strongest, while S. Skvernelis’ (LVŽS) speech was decent, but reading off a paper made for a bad image. […]

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Foreign affairs

As Trump becomes Republican nomination shoe-in, Lithuanian analysts sound off

A year ago, Donald Trump was barely considered a serious Republican presidential candidate. Now, After Tuesday’s victory in the Indiana primary, Trump needs only 200 delegates until he can claim the title of Republican candidate for the presidency of the USA. […]

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Opinion: It is now or never that Ukraine will slip out of Russia’s grip

While Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was pompously comparing the “victory” of the Crimea annexation to the fall of Berlin Wall and people of the occupied Luhansk region were being told to work for a loaf of bread, Ukraine started off on the tough road of reform that will determine the future of the country. […]