Lithuania hopes for speedier TTIP negotiations

“The TTIP is an unprecedented agreement that will bring together the two largest markets in the world: the European Union and the United States of America. This will undoubtedly boost the economic growth of all the parties to the agreement, as well as foster mutual trade and exports,” said Mačiulis.

The chancellor also pointed out that the agreement was important for the energy, not only for the economy, and that it must cover gas and the removal of restrictions on oil exports. “US gas exports to the EU would have a huge impact on the energy situation in the region,” he said.

The chancellor of the Government also noted the growing public support for the TTIP in Lithuania, which now stands at 79 percent, to compare with that of 65 percent in the UK.

The two representatives noted that that both the EU and the US express commitment to make greater progress in the negotiations in 2015. Barton assured that both sides were ready to find a compromise towards ambitious goals and to conclude the negotiations before the end of US President Barack Obama’s term of office.

In the meeting, the chancellor of the Government welcomed close bilateral cooperation between Lithuania and the UK. “Lithuania and the UK are like-minded countries on many economic, international and security policy issues,” Mačiulis said.

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