Lithuania-registered truck with 11 migrants detained in France

“The embassy contacted the prefecture of Poitiers, which confirmed that the detained truck had Lithuanian license plates. It had 11 refugees aboard. Prosecutors said the preliminary information is that the driver of the truck was not a Lithuanian citizen, however, could not specify his nationality,” the diplomatic mission said in a response on Tuesday.

The embassy said it had contacted a Poitiers court in an effort to establish the driver’s identity.


Linava, the Lithuanian National Road Carriers’ Association, has disseminated recommendations for carriers about transport of illegal migrants, suggesting that migrants deliberately hide in openings of trucks and trailers.

Europe is currently coping with the largest migration crisis since World War II. Over 500,000 migrants have have crossed the EU’s external border via the Mediterranean Sea this year.


After the European Union decided to distribute the war refugees coming to Europe, Lithuania has committed itself to resettling 1,105 refugees from Syria, Iraq and Eritrea over the next two years.

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