Lithuania to provide immigration assistance for ‘strategic investors’

“We feel an increasing interest potential investors show in our country. However, as some discussions have revealed, certain areas still look daunting from the foreign business perspective, and this prevents potential investors from coming to Lithuania. One such problem is the procedure of issue of work and residence permits, which takes too long. For this reason, we have to make certain changes,” Mr. Skvernelis said.

The staff of the Ministry of Interior was instructed to devise a new procedure in cooperation with colleagues from the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as with the public agency Invest Lithuania. According to the new procedure, foreign companies recognised by the Ministry of Economy as strategic investors will receive help by immigration specialists designated for that purpose.

“Potential investors will no longer have to bother about work and residence permits for their employees. Immigration specialists will go to them and explain what has to be done and how to do that and what documents need to be submitted. Additionally, they will coordinate and control other processes. Hopefully, the procedures will take less time and will be carried out in a smooth manner. This is what investors need,” the minister said.

According to the minister, as soon as the new procedure comes into force, foreign companies will receive a clear signal that they are welcome in Lithuania. It is believed that this will increase Lithuania’s attractiveness in the eyes of investors even more.

Invest Lithuania

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