Lithuania to replenish supplies for Javelin anti-tank missile system

This is the second acquisition of Javelin systems for the Lithuanian Armed Forces on the basis of a Lithuanian-US inter-governmental agreement signed in 2001, the Ministry of National Defence reports.

On 24 September 2014, the US Congress issued a permission for Lithuania to acquire an additional amount of Javelin weaponry.

The first shipment of the Javelin systems is expected to be delivered to Lithuania next year already, while the rest of it will arrive by 2017. The acquired weapons will be used to supply manoeuvre units of the Lithuanian Land Force.

The Javelin anti-tank systems are bought for the additional allocation of LTL 130 million (EUR 37.7 million), just like the GROM air defence missile systems that have been procured this year, host nation support rendered for NATO forces deployed in Lithuania, and arrangement of combined exercises with allied military personnel.

Lithuania was the first of the European countries to buy the Javelin system for LTL 38.5 million (EUR 11.2 million) in 2001.

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