Lithuania won’t support permanent crisis resettlement scheme, interior minister says

Saulius Skvernelis
DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

Nevertheless, in his words, Lithuania would support “opening of the legal migration path”.

“We will probably propose to object to the permanent mechanism, we have doubts about the need for such a mechanism, but if the legislative procedure is started via the European Parliament and Commission, the road will be rather long and it can be approved in a democratic manner,” the minister told journalists on Thursday.


Instead of broadening the corridors for refugees, Europe should provide clear regulation of legal ways of entering the European Union (EU), said Skvernelis.

“Opening of the legal migration path, creation of general rules is something we definitely need. We may feel this less today, however, other countries feel the need for labor force and relevant specialists to set the rules of legal way of entering the European Union,” he added.


Skvernelis also noted that naming safe countries, which are indeed safe for their residents, would help manage the migration processes.

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