Lithuanian businesses worried about outcome of EU-UK talks – daily

London AFP / Scanpix

“The Brexit issue and attempts by France, Germany and other countries to make our operations more expensive and more difficult do not add to our confidence either in the current situation or in the future. If there are major problems as to Britain, trade volumes will likely decline and a part of businesses will be looking for new markets to operate in,” it quoted Mindaugas Kapleris, CEO of the international haulage company Samarina, as saying.

“Last year, we sold a considerable part of our products to Britain. Admittedly, Brexit was a major test for us because of currency exchange rate fluctuations and we converted our prices from pounds to euros. We are not going to give up this large market with a strong purchasing power. One has to learn how to cope with risks. However, we are worried about the outcome of the EU-UK talks,” Kestutis Mikalauskas, CEO of the furniture manufacturer Grafu Baldai, told the paper.

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