Lithuanian conservative leader going to Ukraine to advise on reforms

Andrius Kubilius
DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

The Lithuanian parliament’s board delegated Kubilius to go to Kiev on 19-21 January, with the trip to be covered from the funds of the political group.

“We plan to meet with the government’s leadership and ministers in charge of the key reforms, including Economy Minister Aivaras Abromavičius and the finance minister, we will talk how we can contribute our experience and know-how in the Ukrainian government’s efforts to implement an extremely extensive programme of reforms, starting with reforms needed to stabilize Ukraine’s internal situation,” Kubilius told BNS.

Kiev will host a meeting of the International Economic Monitoring Group, an informal team providing advise to the Ukrainian government.

“I am going as part of an international group of advisers and observers, where US-Swedish economic expert Anders Aslund is one of the more prominent leaders, it also includes a few Canadian economic professors of Ukrainian origin and former Slovak finance minister Ivan Miklos,” Kubilius said about the visit.

The group includes prominent members of the academic community and practitioners – former leaders of governments that implemented key reforms. It also includes Aslund, senior analyst at the Peterson Institute (US), former Slovak PM Mikul Dzurinda, Oleg Havrilishin of the George Washington University (US), Bazil Kalimon of the Ivey Business School and Western University (Canada) and Slovakia’s former vice-PM and finance minister, Miklos.

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