Lithuanian delegation going to Greece to discuss refugee resettlement

As thousands of refugees from the Middle East and Africa have made their way to Europe, the European Union (EU) devised a programme to distribute some of the asylum seekers among member-states in order to ease the burden on countries like Greece and Italy. Lithuania has agreed to take in 1,105 people, mostly from Syria and Eritrea, over the course of two years.

“Our task is to talk about selection procedures, how and where we will do it, to inspect the [refugee] camps, look into possibilities, to agree with and meet local officials with whom we will be working on resettling and on making sure there are possibilities to perform health checks,” Jankevičius, who is leading the delegation made up of representatives from the Ministry of Interior, the Migration Department and the State Security Department, told BNS.

He added that Lithuania had agreed to resettle one family from Greece in the nearest future.

The Greece visit will last until Thursday. A similar visit to Italy is scheduled for mid-October.

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