Lithuania’s strategic partnership with Poland in extreme disarray, EU diplomat Ušackas says

Vygaudas Ušackas
Asmeninio archyvo nuotr.

“It is unfortunate to admit that the declared strategic partnership with Poland is in extreme disarray, if not failed. I would like to see more visits to Poland by members of the government and politicians to foster and broaden the bridges between the countries,” Ušackas, a Lithuanian diplomat and former foreign minister, said in an interview to the Lietuvos Ryto TV channel.

In his words, it is crucial to eliminate the obstacles that have accumulated due to the lack of political will.


“How long can we talk about legalization of Latin characters in the spelling of Polish last names? It is my belief that we must meet our commitments. We should talk about closer political, cultural and economic ties. In conversations with me, even political scientists close to the Kremlin often joke about our disagreements – about how Lithuanians are unable to normalize their relations with Poland, thus benefiting interests of someone else, not their own,” said Ušackas.

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