Mediafon establishes holding company

DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

“Mediafon has demonstrated strong growth for more than a decade. Notwithstanding other business activities, there are two major, rather different areas of our business today – specialized carrier-level IT solutions with related professional services and voice traffic transit services. In order to manage and develop them more efficiently and expand our business even further, we decided to establish a holding company,” CEO and Member of the Board Babrauskas is quoted in a press release.

According to Mr. Babrauskas, two subsidiary companies also will be established – Mediafon Carrier Services and Mediafon Datapro.

Mediafon Carrier Services will continue to provide wholesale voice traffic transit services to customers in Europe, CIS, Asia and Middle East countries and beyond. As a separate company Mediafon Carrier Services will establish new interconnections, strengthen its positions in main markets and continue to increase company’s traffic volumes, revenue and market share.

Mediafon Datapro will improve and boost Mediafon business development in the field of consulting, planning, development, implementation and operations of carrier-level, high performance IT systems, like the Number Portability Centralized Database, National Numbering Management and other NUMLEX ( family products.

Both Mediafon Carrier Services and Mediafon Datapro will be fully owned and controlled by Mediafon and will continue to serve customers around the globe.

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