Nordbalt fault sees emergency Kruonis reserve activated for second time in four days

Kruonis pumped storage power plant
DELFI (E.Fuks) nuotr.

Lithuania‘s Kruonis pumped storage power plant was activated again on Wednesday night to provide an emergency power supply when the electrical interconnection with Sweden, NordBalt, was disconnected, .

The pumped storage plant maintained electricity supply stability to dawn by producing 400 MWh of electricity. Later the reserve supply was reduced down to 200 MW.

Another fault forced the Kruonis PSP emergency reserve to be activated during Saturday night for the same reason.

Recently NordBalt operated at maximum 700 MW capacity but when the connection is offline, Kruonis PSP is used to balance out the rapid reduction of the electricity supply in the system.

It is reported that due to a technical failure the connection will not work until Saturday. Previously, Lithuania‘s transmission system operator had said that planned repair work on the NordBalt interconnector would see it shut down from May 23 to June 3.

Lietuvos energijos said it is ready to contribute to the stabilization of prices during the repair works by using the gas block in Elektrėnai power plant, Kruonis pumped storage plant and the Kaunas A. Brazauskas hydroelectric power plant.

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