Poland’s outgoing president made honorary citizen of Lithuanian town

Bronislaw Komorowski

“Lithuania and Poland enjoy close relations and allies’ commitments in the field of security. We are also close energy project implementation partners. President Komorowski’s arrival and the decision taken by the Rokiškis Council to proclaim him an honorary citizen will provide a fresh impetus to our bilateral ties. Both Lithuania and Poland need such initiatives for our common good. Our countries have a great potential for cooperation, which must be fully exploited,” said Linkevičius.

Komorowski thanked the Rokiškis City Council for this honour and noted that relations between Lithuania and Poland must be strengthened through personal contacts and positive emotions. President Komorowski remembered his parents and grandparents, who were born and grew up in Rokiškis. They taught him to love Lithuania just as much as Poland and said that Lithuanians were brothers. The president also noted that Lithuania had always been a part of his mind and heart.

The president also attended the opening of an exhibition featuring exhibits from the collection that he had donated to the Rokiškis Regional Museum.

Komorowski’s parents – his father Zygmunt Leon Komorowski and mother Jadwiga Komorowska – came from Lithuania.

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