Population in Lithuania is up: a month like never before

At the airport, population on the move
At the airport DELFI / Mindaugas Ažušilis

For the first time in some two decades, a monthly population in Lithuania increase has been recorded – at the start of May, there were 150 residents more than at the start of April. According to preliminary data, this was due to the largest difference of emigration and immigration thus far. However, this year Lithuanian emigration is growing. Earlier, economists explained that economic reasoning draws immigrants to the country, writes Ernestas Naprys in 15min.lt

At the start of May this year, there were 2,790,472 residents in Lithuania according to preliminary Department of Statistics data. Over a month, the number rose by 150 individuals.

Lithuania has not recorded a positive month since at least 2001 – this is as far as the Department of Statistics chart goes. The difference between immigration and emigration was positive and at record levels for the third month in a row.

In April, 1,029 residents more arrived than departed Lithuania and in total this year, the Lithuanian population increased by 1,602 individuals.

The population in Lithuania is decreased by a negative balance in dead individuals and new births. In April, Lithuania lost 911 residents due to this, with the number being counterbalanced by immigrants.

Lithuanian Department of Statistics Dissemination and Communication Department specialist Birutė Stotelytė emphasised that this is just preliminary data – there are cases where new-borns are registered later, thus monthly data is not necessarily accurate.

Lithuanian emigration on the rise

Earlier, economists explained that economic reasoning draws immigrants to the country.

“This is a continuation of last year’s trends. Despite the economic environment faring worse, the Lithuanian economy is demonstrating resilience and the economy continues to grow rapidly, with no major signs of a slowdown. The labour market tempo and respectively low unemployment levels can grant more opportunities to not only draw foreign citizens, but also encourage more Lithuanians to return,” I. Genytė-Pikčienė said earlier.

According to preliminary data from the Department of Statistics, in January-April 2019, 12,819 permanent residents emigrated from Lithuania, which is 21.6% or 2,277 individuals more than the same period in 2018.

14,421 individuals immigrated to Lithuania in January-April 2019, which is 5,313 (58.3%) more people than the same period last year.

More than half (61%) of immigrants to Lithuania in January-April 2019 were returning Lithuanian citizens.

According to Department of Statistics data, Lithuania lost 2,319 Lithuanians due to emigration this year: 11,122 Lithuanians left, while 8,803 returned. The positive immigration balance was due to foreign citizens.

In January-April 2019, 1,602 individuals more immigrated than emigrated, compared to 1,434 more individuals emigrating than immigrating in the same period last year.

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