Russian carriers continue to prefer Klaipėda port over Kaliningrad despite dispute

Lietuvos Žinios reports that Kaliningrad has continued to fail to generate enough interest among Russian carriers with a new service from the Baltic port in the Kaliningrad region to Sassnitz in Germany travelling only a few times in the month.

It took some time for the Russian Transport Ministry to organise the dedicated ferry route from Kaliningrad to Sassnitz for its own carriers and to get a ferry up and running from Saint Petersburg to the Black Sea to the Baltic Sea port of Baltiysk. The route only opened on February 24.

However, the ferry service only operated three times on the route and it is reported that the route has since been cancelled.

On February 19th, Poland and Russia temporarily extended the quotas for freight carriers transiting their borders, exchanging 20,000 special permits that will be valid until April 15.

It has been reported that Russian carriers are also looking to avoid having to waste time transiting additional border checks once entering the EU.

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