Russian MP Zhirinovsky suggests referendums in Baltics on joining Russian Federation

Vladimir Zhirinovsky

The politician praised the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Russian Federation launching a probe into the legitimacy of the collapse of the Soviet Union, indicating that the Baltic States‘ independence, as well as the Belavezha Agreement on dissolution of the Soviet Union, is “illegal” and was never ratified by the Russian parliament.

“We must judge the situation according to the documents: no ratification – no Baltics and CIS. Gorbachev and the State Council of the Soviet Union were temporary entities of state power that were not stipulated by the constitution, which makes the acknowledgment unlawful,” announced Zhirinovsky.


He believes that the Soviet constitution did not “foresee no collapse of any country”.

If the Prosecutor General’s Office recognizes the independence of the Baltic States to be unlawful, “these republics will be obliged to hold referendums to allow the Baltic residents to agree that they are again part of Russia,” announced Zhirinovsky.

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