Security Department to screen every refugee to be resettled in Lithuania

State Security Department
DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

“We will check everyone, as agreed with the Migration Department, and will directly participate with the Migration Department. We will send our officers, we have assigned officers to be sent to the hot spots for direct selection,” Jauniškis told journalists at the parliament. He participated in the presentation of the refugee issue at a meeting of the parliament’s National Security and Defence Committee.

Asked whether there was data about refugees posing a threat to Lithuania, the head of the department said he had not such information in his possession, adding he could not deny terrorists could be among the thousands of refugees entering Europe.


In comment of the conditions for the department’s officers to thoroughly check the refugees, Jauniškis said: “Certain conditions exist.” “I do not know about the degree of the thoroughness, but certain conditions exist, it has to do with a certain questionnaire and, without doubt, with foreign partners we will share the information with,” said the director.

He also confirmed that calculations have been made of the cost of the scrutiny for the department, but refused to specify the sum.


Last week, the European Commission suggested that European Union (EU) member-states should share 160,000 refugees from Hungary, Greece and Italy over two years. Under the scheme, Lithuania should resettle 1,105 refugees. Lithuania’s government has accepted the proposal, emphasizing that the resettlement should be voluntary on the part of receiving countries.

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