Iconic sites in Vilnius illuminated in show of solidarity with Italy

Supprort Italy, Presidential palace in Vilnius Photo Linas Eriksonas

The Hill of Three Crosses monument, the Presidential Palace and the Cathedral in Vilnius were all lit up in green, white and red this evening.

In this way, Lithuania’s capital has expressed its solidarity with Italy, which is mourning the loss of thousands of coronavirus victims, Go Vilnius reported.


“In this critical situation when we are battling an invisible enemy behind closed borders, we want to show that unity has no borders and we are sending a message of support to the Italian people,” says Remigijus Šimašius, Mayor of Vilnius.

Italy remains the country worst affected by the pandemic, with COVID-19 casualties rising above 10,000 over the weekend.

Support Italy, in Vilnius. Photo Linas Eriksonas

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