Images from the Dutch referendum on Ukraine

Opinion: How the Kremlin infiltrated an EU referendum in the Netherlands

The student leaders of 1968 could probably not have imagined how their democratic ideas would be high-jacked by a combination of extremists and opponents of democracy exploiting technological progress and social media. Nobody understands the dangers of technology and social media better than dictators and demagogues. […]

Juozas Olekas

Bigger US military budget means more troops for Lithuania, Olekas says

After official announcement of the US plans to quadruple its defence budget for Europe, Lithuania’s Defence Minister Juozas Olekas says this would mean deployment of a larger number of US troops and equipment in Lithuania. […]

Linas Linkevičius

Belarus does not always support Russia’s actions in Donbass, Lithuanian foreign minister says

After his informal meeting with Ukrainian and Belarusian foreign ministers, Lithuanian Minister of Foreign Affairs Linas Linkevičius says that Minsk is not inclined to blindly support any step Russia makes in regard to Eastern Ukraine. […]


Lithuania to resettle nationals from Crimea and Eastern Ukraine

Lithuania’s government decided on Wednesday to resettle Lithuanian citizens and people of Lithuanian descent to Lithuania from Crimea and Ukraine‘s regions of Luhansk and Donetsk. […]