Viktoras Valentukevičius

Head of Lithuanian Gas resigns

The Board of Directors of Lithuania’s gas company Lietuvos Dujos accepted the resignation of general manager Viktoras Valentukevičius, the company informs. […]

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Opinion: Breaking free from Gazprom is of political and economic benefit

Russian intervention in Ukraine has refocused the attention on the traditional military and security challenges, but the factors that made it possible for today’s Russian attempts to revise the European security architecture should not be forgotten. Primarily, this was the result of the processes in the energy sector that go forward only because of reasoned calls of a part of intellectuals for Europe to stop funding of Vladimir Putin’s regime. […]

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Lithuania’s gas security: Risks and opportunities

There is a long-held view that the Russian gas supply to Lithuania is unlikely to be cut-off because Lithuania serves as a gas transit state to the Russian territory of Kaliningrad. In other words, the same gas pipeline feeding Lithuania, also supplies the Russian enclave. According to this argument, Moscow would be hesitant to turn off the gas supply to Lithuania because it would result in an automatic cut in the gas supply to Kaliningrad. […]

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Winter and Gazprom won’t wait: What the geopolitics of LNG will mean for the people of Ukraine and Europe

As the crisis in Ukraine is escalating with the prospect of Russian military intervention, there is every reason to believe that Vladimir Putin will use other weapons at his disposal. Thus European nations are increasingly – and justifiably – worried about the impending winter months when Russia could ratchet up the pressure on Europe, as it has done in the past, by imposing another gas halt with the consequent loss of life and negative economic impacts. […]

Floating storage and regasification unit Independence

Vessel bound for Klaipėda LNG terminal reaches Red Sea

The Independence, the floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU) built for Lithuania’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Klaipėda, has reached the Red Sea. […]

Gas pipeline

Amber Grid signs gas pipeline construction contract

On Friday, having received an ascent of the Board of Directors, Lithuania’s Amber Grid, which runs the country’s gas distribution infrastructure, signed contracts on works of the construction of gas pipeline Klaipėda-Kuršėnai and the purchase of pipes necessary for the construction, Amber Grid informs. […]


PM Butkevičius: Gazprom’s exit means Lithuania first in Baltics to unbundle gas sector

Gazprom’s decision to sell its Lithuanian assets could be due to the German energy group E.ON’s exit and the EU Third Energy package requirements, Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius said on Tuesday, adding that the Russian group’s withdrawal means that Lithuania will be the first of the three Baltic countries to unbundle the gas sector. […]