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Russia’s counter to missile defence pushes Europe together

The ceremony of opening the United States’ missile defense base in Deveselu, Romania, last week (Thursday, May 12), was greeted by a barrage of condemnation and criticism from Russian officials. The next day, President Vladimir Putin turned these denouncements into state policy by defining this deployment of a radar station and SM-3 missile interceptors as a direct threat to Russia and promising to “curtail” it. […]

Russian fighter Su-27 and American reconnaissance aircraft RC-135

What do Russian provocations in Baltic signal?

The US European Command said last weekend that a Russian Su-27 fighter jet “performed erratic and aggressive maneuvers”, flying within 50 feet of an American RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft over the Baltic Sea. […]

Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin

Opinion: Is the West really about to betray Lithuania or Ukraine?

Last Tuesday, NATO decided to reduce the number of fighter jets stationed in the Baltic states as part of the NATO air policing mission. The number of fighter jets is to be cut from 16 down to 8. […]

Lithuanian Embassy (left ) and Cuban Mission in Washington   Photo Ludo Segers
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Lithuania and Cuba soon to be diplomatic neighbours in Washington

Early Thursday morning several media teams set up in the neighbourhood of the Lithuanian Embassy in Washington DC. The Swiss Embassy, Cuban Special Interest Section is located next door to the Lithuanian Embassy on 16th Street. It houses the Cuban representation in the US Capital after the Americans severed diplomatic relations with the island nation 54 years ago at the height of the Cold War. The somewhat secretive mission got mainly attention in the past whenever demonstrators would gather to demand the release of Americans or dissidents held in Cuban prisons. All of that is about to end. […]

Barack Obama ir John Kerry
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US leaders congratulate Lithuania on Independence Day

US leader have congratulated Lithuania on the occasion of the upcoming Day of Restoration of the State of Lithuania on February 16. United States President Barack Obama congratulated Lithuania via Secretary of State John Kerry. […]