Lithuanian political scientists divided on NATO’s Baltic air policing mission downsize

NATO‘s leadership decided to downsize the Baltic air policing mission in order to make rational use of resources, but Lithuania should not applaud it, as it reduces the Alliance’s visibility, says political scientist Gražvydas Jasutis. Meanwhile his colleague Kęstutis Girnius believes that the reinforcement has already served its purpose of reassuring the Baltic states and the decision makes good sense. […]

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Lithuania might be getting to something big: dual citizenship e-referendum

Russia’s Vladimir Putin may have just done favour for Lithuania with his sardonic remark on “fewer Lithuanians” during his recent visit to Kaliningrad – even parties that had bristled against the idea of a referendum on allowing dual citizenship, might be embracing it amid the sabre-rattling from the East. Moreover, politicians might be getting cozy with another outlandish idea: get the folks say “yes” or “no” through e-voting. […]

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Putin will not risk nuclear war, political scientist Girnius says

American media recently reported that the United States was planning to deploy heavy weaponry in Eastern Europe and the Baltics, including Lithuania. Foreign Minister Linas Linkevičius and Minister of Defence Juozas Olekas have confirmed that they are familiar with the plans. Will the move further escalate tensions with Russia? Laisvoji Banga radio talks to political scientist Kęstutis Girnius of Vilnius University. […]

Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko

Analyst: Ukraine needs to do homework and let EU see it done

The gloomy mood ahead of the EU Eastern Partnership Summit in Riga this week is in a stark contrast with the expectations that prevailed before the similar meeting in Vilnius one and a half years ago. […]

Vladimiro Putino pranešimas šalies parlamento žemiesiems rūmams

Putin’s message: Russia’s woes are West’s fault, not his

President Vladimir Putin gave his annual state of the nation address in the Russian parliament. Lithuanian political analyst Kęstutis Girnius summarizes Putin’s main message thus: sanctions are Western countries’ fault, not his. […]

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Why the West will eventually make up with Russia on Putin’s terms

Six years ago, when Russia attacked Georgia and tore off the separatist regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, Western countries were, as always, “very concerned”, sent out their observers, provided humanitarian support and Nocolas Sarozy, the then President of France, volunteered to mediate in settling the conflict. […]

Kęstutis Girnius

Opinion: Information war – no need for mobilization yet

The heralds of information wars are disconcerted, identify ever more battlefields, call on proper mobilisation. The latest example is the response of Aleksandras Matonis to a report aired on the Russian TV, in which members of the expedition Mission Russia have been referred to as tourists following the traces of the WW II victims and reportedly hoping that in the future joint Russian-Lithuanian groups would be travelling Europe to pay homage to the fallen Soviet soldiers. The leader of the expedition said such hope was actually expressed by the Russian journalist. […]