Foreign affairs

Lithuania accuses Belarus of violating its airspace

The Lithuanian Foreign Ministry said on Friday that an aircraft from Belarus has violated Lithuanian airspace in the district of Lazdijai, in the southern part of the country. […]


Lithuanian conscripts feel cheated after finishing military service

When Lithuania reintroduced military conscription last year, politicians were throwing around promises of various benefits to sweeten the deal for the country’s youngsters who were suddenly facing nine months of military service. Some of them have found that these promises should have been taken with a grain of salt.

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Lithuania’s defence spending next year to reach 1.79% of GDP

Lithuania is to spend 1.79% of its GDP on defence next year, according to the draft budget for 2017.

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Lieutenant General Ben Hodges

Head of US forces in Europe attends security conference in Vilnius

The commander of the United States Forces Europe, Lieutenant General Ben Hodges, will attend a conference on NATO’s strength, defence and deterrence, in Vilnius on Monday ahead of the NATO Summit in Warsaw. […]

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NATO general to discuss Baltic defence plans in Vilnius

Salvatore Farina, a high-ranking NATO general on a visit to Vilnius on Thursday, will discuss the Alliance’s defence plans for the Baltics with Lithuania’s military and Ministry of National Defence officials. […]