Dalia Grybauskaitė

R. Lopata: it could appear that we have become a presidential republic

Lithuanian foreign policy is weakened by the fact that all the powers of its formation and implementation are focused in one location – the institution of the president, while its other centres – the cabinet and Seimas are passive, political scientist Raimundas Lopata tells lrt.lt. “Lithuania is a unique country, whose prime ministers do not go to Brussels. It could appear to some that Lithuania has become a presidential republic,” the professor is quoted by lrt.lt. […]

Indrė Makaraitytė

Indrė Makaraitytė. But Skvernelis has a plan B

Let us grant the prime minister’s Russia policy some content. Some may ask, what content? The public wants to hear that Lithuania must maintain especially good relations with its neighbours and particularly if you don’t […]

Gintautas Paluckas, Vilija Blinkevičiūtė, Rasa Budbergytė

R. Lopata – palpable crisis mood

Having left it to its branches to decide regarding participation in the ruling coalition, the Social Democrats have opened up the way to broader party democracy, but the question arises whether the party can handle […]


Scholars offer recommendations for history policy makers of Lithuania and Belarus

Historical memory has a strong impact on the cohesion of political society. The historical memory of any given society is affected by a whole range of factors, such as the methodology and content of history teaching at school, the creation of various memorials and alternative sources of information about the past. Most of these factors depend on the political sphere and are a direct consequence of political or administrative decisions. In short, a consequence of state history policy. […]