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Heritage Foundation analysts do not view EU’s new defence deal as very serious

The new defense integration deal signed by Lithuania and the rest of the European Union (EU) earlier this week will have new practical benefit, say analysts of the United States conservative public policy research centre Heritage Foundation. […]

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Lithuania slides on Global Innovation Index

Lithuania this year lost four positions and ranks 40th among 127 countries in the latest Global Innovation Index released by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). […]

Rukloje baigėsi tarptautinės pratybos Geležinis vilkas

Multinational exercise Iron Wolf 2017 to kick off in Lithuania

Iron Wolf 2017, this year’s largest multinational military exercise in Lithuania, will be formally opened concurrently in the Lithuanian Armed Forces’ two military training areas, in Rukla and Pabrade, on Monday, the Defense Ministry said. […]

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Lithuanian ambassador in UK gives more details about alleged hate crime attack in Northern Ireland

More details are available about the attack against Lithuanian migrants in Northern Ireland – the local police have told Lithuanian diplomats that unidentified individuals fired at least three shots at the house in Lurgan in early hours of Monday. […]