Opinion: Lithuania’s Russian-speakers – what they’re for and what they’re against

Do Lithuania’s ethnic Russian citizens make integration into the society a priority or do they do quite the opposite, using the privileges of Lithuanian citizenship and leaning nevertheless toward Mother Russia? Is being Russian not just a question of blood and faith but also of identifying with Russian civilization and a fragmented nation that must be united? […]

Loreta Graužinienė
Foreign affairs

Lithuanian parliament speaker: Russia’s statements on ethnic minorities in Baltics signal danger

The Russian government’s statements about the allegedly bad situation of Russian-speaking minorities in the Baltic states are alarming, says Lithuanian Parliamentary Speaker Loreta Graužinienė. She also thinks that some local politicians exaggerate problems of Lithuania’s ethnic minorities to make them appear worse than they actually are. […]

Romas Sadauskas-Kvietkevičius

Opinion: Tomaševski’s path from Polish identity to Putin‘s “Russian World”

You cannot even imagine how painful it is for a real dzūkas [south-east Lithuanian] to see reports about people in Žemaitija [west Lithuania] picking mushrooms by hundreds and asking what to do with such wealth, while our pine forests, growing on the mainland sand dunes, are dry and bare from the summer heat. Only on the day of St. Bartholomew were we blessed with some all-day rain; after that rain it will be finally possible to go mushroom hunting. […]

LLRA leader Valdemar Tomaševski

Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania party quits ruling coalition

After the meeting of the Coalition political council, the leader of the Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania (LLRA) Valdemar Tomaševski announced that the party is withdrawing from the government. Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius said that three parties remain in the Coalition, whereas, based on quotas, the energy ministers position will go to the Labour Party. […]