TIR guarantees continued to decline in October, Lithuanian road carriers say

The situation is said to be related with the restrictions introduced by the Russian Customs and the embargo imposed by the Russian Federation on goods from the European Union and other countries.

Results in October improved compared with the previous months. In October, compared with August and September, 11 and 10 percent more TIR guarantees were issued.

Secretary General of Linava, Vidmantas Adomaitis, says that the improvement is related to the seasonal increase of cargo and reorientation by carriers to transport goods from the countries that do not fall under restrictions of the Russian Federation. According to Adomaitis, companies transported more goods from Turkey, Macedonia, Serbia and other countries that do not face the embargo.

Having compared the 2014 ten-month data, it is noticeable that the number of issued TIR carnets fell by 22 percent. In addition, based on the data of the International Road Transport Union, TIR system transportation volume dropped by 35 percent throughout the period.

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