Tomas Venclova presented with Jerzy Giedroyc award in Poland

Tomas Venclova
DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

Ambassador of Lithuania to Poland Šarūnas Adomavičius congratulated the award winners. According to the ambassador, they have significantly contributed to converting the ideas of Jerzy Giedroyc into a reality. The diplomat expressed gladness that the efforts made by Lithuanian and Polish intellectuals to build bridges between the two countries were recognised.

The ambassador says that Venclova is well-known abroad and at home, while awarding the Institute of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania at Vytautas Magnus University is a logical proof of the realization of the political ideas of Jerzy Giedroyc. According to Adomavičius, the award to the Institute confirms that the joint activity of Lithuanian, Polish, Belarusian, and Ukrainian intellectuals takes new forms of cooperation and mutual understanding in the fields of culture, science and education.

The Jerzy Giedroyc award was established in 2001.

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