Top 9 Reasons People Break Up

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Why do people don’t want to be together anymore? What is the reason to stop dating? Such questions are not uncommon in the modern world, especially when a very beautiful couple breaks up, and the reasons for the separation are not clear. As a result, the couple couldn’t cope with their problems, having decided everything by breaking up.

1. Money problems

Money problems often cause breakups. Women often blame men for low incomes, laziness, and hopelessness. Sometimes women don’t work, which causes anger in their loved ones. Men and women go in search of a more financially comfortable partner. After such troubles, men want to meet European singles for whom money issues are not so important.

2. Constant conflicts

Psychologically, depression, spleen, stress, poor mood, health difficulties, and dissatisfaction with life can easily ruin a marriage. One of the partners or both of them suffer from this. This leads to conflicts with those nearby. Problems are growing, and conflicts are becoming more and more serious.

3. Treason

An affair on the side is certainly the cause to break up for most men and women! However, it should be noted that in the case of a one-time “mistake,” 56% of women are ready to forget about it, while among men, the result was 45%. The age of the respondents also influenced the assessment of infidelity: the older the person, the more likely the adultery to be forgiven.

4. Lack of freedom

It is a well-known fact that everyone needs time for themselves and this shouldn’t become a problem in a healthy relationship. If someone feels limited in their desires and needs, this is the reason for a breakup for more than 60% of respondents.

5. Jealousy

Here we again return to the disagreements that destroy love: freedom-loving and jealous people will never be a good couple. However, severe jealousy can scare away. More than half of the men and ladies will break up with their partners if their jealousy crosses reasonable boundaries.

6. Not enough affection

Would you rather greet your sweetheart with a handshake or a gentle kiss? Over time, caresses and hugs become rarer and rarer, so many rethink their feelings and are ready to leave. By the way, women are more interested in such small gestures than men. Lack of affection is especially important for young couples, but in old age, their absence is less painful.

7. Obsession and total control

The secret of harmonious relationships is inequality and mutual respect in a couple. If a man considers it his duty to control every step of a woman, bother her with endless calls, look for a reason to meet at any time of the day, the girl will eventually get tired of it and will want to get out of this “prison”.

8. Disappointment in a partner

It is common for many people, especially at a young age, to endow their significant others with a mass of qualities that are not available to them, to project an ideal and desirable image. Especially often, rapid disappointment occurs after the start of a life together. When people start living together, they find out flaws and negative personality traits in each other. Even strong couples often can’t pass this test.

9. No development

Time passes, and we all change (views, values, tastes, habits), but not always for the better from the point of view of our partners. If there is a mutual exchange, then people become similar to each other, and their union becomes stronger. If one runs ahead, and the second slows down, then negative consequences are inevitable. In this case, the one who stops becomes not interesting to a partner who goes ahead.

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