Travel Tips: Vaping in Lithuania And Abroad

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The culture and popularity of vaping or e-cig is one the rise for many reasons. People have been considering vaping as an alternative to smoking. Vaping has very ewer to zero harmful effects on the human body compared to smoking a conventional tobacco cigarette. Despite so much difference in vaping and smoking, in Lithuania, vaping is prohibited in the areas where traditional tobacco smoking is prohibited. One has to buy e-cig or vape juice in the vape store available in Lithuania only since cross-border trade of these products is totally banned here. So, if you are planning to visit Lithuania then you have to be aware of these things.

But if you are planning a trip is some other nations and you are a fan of vaping then you need to consider some important things in your mind before an actual visit since many countries have strict regulations on vaping. Here, are some of the important things that need to be taken into consideration when flying abroad with vaping.

  • Before planning a trip and packing a vape pen in your bag, you need to know the legal status of vaping at your vacation destination as well as the airline you are using.
  • Vape devices are not be kept in cargo luggage but they must be disclosed and packed in the handbag.
  • One needs to keep the vape device very safe since it poses a risk of leaking due to the high pressure in the plane.
  • It is recommended to switch off or at least remove the batteries when flying.
  • Just like vaporizers, e-liquids should also be packed in the handbags.

Vaping Is Banned in These Nations

Unlike Lithuania, some countries have some serious rules and regulations regarding vaping in their regions. So, if you are traveling in one of these countries with vaporizers then you have to think twice.

In India, Brazil, Malaysia, Cambodia, Argentina, Indonesia, Thailand, Argentina, and Singapore, there is a general ban on vaporizers and electronic cigarettes. In Thailand and Singapore, the possession of such things into the airport may lead to a heavy penalty and sometimes even to the jail. In UAE, vaping devices are removed at the airport or in any way of entering the country.

Vaping Is Legal in These Nationsbut There Is A Catch

Just like Lithuania, there are several countries where vaping is legal but with some restrictions. In Egypt and Turkey, the use of vaporizers or e-cigarettes is not banned but the sale of such items and e-liquids is prohibited. In Japan, Australia, Portugal, and South Africa, the steamer can use e-cigarettes and vaporizers but e-liquid should not have nicotine in it. In Australia, medical permission is essential in order to import vaporizers or e-cigs.

In Malaysia and the USA, there is no nationwide ban on the use of vape devices since the laws vary according to the states. So, while visiting these places, users need to pay attention to the regulations levied by the state government and state laws.

Bottom line

Lastly, always inform yourself beforehand to avoid dangerous situations. Do not resort to foreign liquids if you do not know their ingredients and make sure before the trip whether the import or use of the e-cigarette is allowed or not.

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