Useful Items That You Must Have With You When You Play Golf

Golf. Photo from Pixabay

Golf is an old sport that can be attributed to the Scots, and during the 18th century, the game spread in the British Isles. Golf started to gain an international presence in the 19th century, and since then the world has started enjoying this beautiful sport.

As a sport, golf has many mental and physical benefits as you have to keep your mind alert while walking the beautiful green fields, which increases the endorphin and serotonin levels. As for physical health, each full swing exercises the arms, legs, back, and abdomen. To fully enjoy playing golf, you need to prepare yourself with the right tools. Read on to know more about useful items that you must have with you when you play golf.

Clubs and Balls

Golf equipment. Photo from Pixabay

You might run out of balls while playing golf, so keep 3 or 4 sleeves in your golf bag just in case you run out of balls. You can collect stray balls too when you are walking on the field. However, do not overload your bag with many balls. It goes without saying that if you want to play golf, then you need a golf club. According to the USGA rules, the maximum number of clubs you are allowed is 14 in total.

A Jacket

Always keep a jacket in your golf bag. Sometimes you can’t predict the chilly weather especially, early in the morning or at night, so better safe than sorry. A waterproof jacket for golf is best because sometimes it rains suddenly. Adding a jacket will not add weight, but it is a very important item to have in your bag when you are playing golf.

A Box of Band-Aids

You might get blisters or cut yourself while playing golf. However, keeping a box of band-aids in your golf bag will allow you to cover the cuts and protect you against abrasions. Don’t underestimate having band-aids in your bag as most, if not all golf players get blisters, which really hurts when you are swinging the club without covering them.

An Ice-Pack

Accidents may happen on the field, like falling, accidentally bumping your hand into something solid, and many other unfortunate incidents. Cold therapy is the best when the injury is recent, and it reduces muscle pain too. Applying an instant ice pack on a recent injury will reduce the swelling and minimize inflammation. Therefore, you need to always be prepared with an ice pack to ensure that your injuries don’t get worse. If the injury is not serious, and you can continue playing, applying an ice pack will soothe the pain, so it won’t hinder your performance on the field.

Permanent Markers & Pencils

You will need permanent markers to mark your balls, so you don’t play other’s balls. An extra pencil will also be needed, as before each round, you are given a scorecard and a pencil, which you may lose. It is always a good idea to keep an extra pencil in your bag, so you can keep a score throughout the rounds.

A Rangefinder

Living in the digital age has provided us with many tech tools that make our lives much easier. Back in the days, golf players used to measure the distance by pacing out the yardages from sprinkler heads. However, thanks to technology, we now have rangefinders to do the job for us. They come in different forms like a separate device, GPS watches, and lasers. A range finder for golf as a separate device is most advisable to have. Note that not having one will slow down your game and hinder your performance.

Water & Snacks

Golf is an activity that can take a long time to finish. Therefore, you need to have some snacks with you like, fruits or energy bars, so you have the power to continue playing. Water is of utmost importance as you may have to stay for hours in the sun. To avoid dehydration, always keep a water bottle with you especially, during summers. Many golf courses have water stations; however, better not leave anything for chance and have your own water bottle with you especially, if you are walking the course. 

Playing golf requires that you get the large big golf bag and stock it with some essentials tools, not only ones you use in playing but there are other items that you need to have in your bag to ensure that you are all powered up and ready for any unexpected and expected situations. Having water and snacks to keep you hydrated and energetic, a jacket to keep you warm when the weather gets chilly, band-aids and instant ice packs, a rangefinder, markers and pencils, and of course, your clubs and ball sleeves in it will be enough. Whether you want to play your rounds walking or in a golf cart, you will enjoy your game to the maximum.

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