A. Veryga

Latest WHO data: Annual alcohol consumption at 16.3 liters per capita in Lithuania

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published latest and still unconfirmed data, which suggests that alcohol consumption in Lithuania is at 16.3 liters per every resident over the age of 15. Although the figure is lower than the earlier data, Lithuania is still the top drinker worldwide, a WHO official said. […]

Ramūnas Karbauskis

You cannot stop change despite all attempts to do so

It is obvious that our efforts to reform the alcohol control system, to make the pharmacy sector more transparent, our intentions to reduce the state governance apparatus, rein in corruption and so on are the […]

Students' night out on September 1

Alcohol sales ban on September 1 ‘justified’

The ban on selling alcohol on September 1 has been successful in reducing alcohol abuse by minors who celebrate the start of the academic year on that day, specialists say. Specialists have concluded that the […]


All alcohol sales in Lithuania to require ID

Beginning in autumn, anyone purchasing alcohol will have to show their ID to do so.

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